The time merchant

04 April, 2019 1 minutes read

Over the past month I've been giving my daily habits a hard look, asking a lot of 'why's and how can I use my time (mostly leisure, post work time) to benefit things I value. One theme that kept coming back during this introspection was time: Does this activity worth my time? If so, how much time should I put into it?

The more I did went through this exercise the more I started treating time like capital. Oversimplified to death, in the world of working capital you want to have more assets than liabilities - so basically more time dedicated toward things I value and less detractors, obligations and low-touch activities.

I also found out that the perception for the value of time is different between people: I would come to a meeting 10 minutes before the time with notes and my thoughts in order because I value mine and the other person's time. Investing time also equates to investing attention, something I started to understand two months ago.

The tricky thing is that time doesn't overflow or banked so at the end of the day it's always a question of 'did I hit net positive' on my investments today.