Reclaiming Energy

16 January, 2019 1 minutes read

2018 was the year where I picked up recording and production, got back on my exercising horse (which got pushed aside with my latest programming project) and speaking of programming, I also trained myself on programming in Python and actively working on a full-stack web project - all while staying on top of a super dynamic and awesome full time job.

That is a lot of mental overload.

Like your typical mobile game, I feel like my day is running on two major resources: Time and energy. Time is the ever present constant (apparently this is debatable) and as time elapses through the day I'm using energy to make decisions based on the different projects I'm working on, whether they are the most mundane home related responsibilities or very specific work tasks.

While I can't do much about time, I'm going to start 2019 by managing my energy economy more efficiently. The first step is looking at my huge project list and cut everything that doesn't provide me with value or doesn't correspond with my 2019 yearly goals. The next step would be creating new projects and tasks that augments everything I want to achieve but for now, I'm reclaiming energy.