Personalized and Actionable

06 February, 2019 1 minutes read

User feedback is often insightful but sometimes it's mind blowing and inspirational: A recent review I got started with the usual "Love you website, very useful to me" and so on but then he ended up with something along the lines of "I find myself looking for a more personalised experience, other wise it's not very actionable to me".

Absolutely mind blowing. Here's why -

I always thought esports Radar was doing people great service by providing them with esports news on-demand, putting them in control on the medium in which they want to consume it. Now, however, this user would like to see this web service as a part of a more holistic approach: Not only that I'm in control of the core experience, I should look into the user experience after they consume the content.

I wonder -

  • What 'emotional payload' of feelings and needs does the user come to my website with and how can I personalise the experience to accommodate for them?

  • What is the role of the content that is consumed in my users' journey and what is it supposed to serve? How can I make it actionable to meet those expectations?

Mind -> Blown.