Optimization of fun

28 February, 2019 1 minutes read

I got to play the first 10 hours of Anthem, the new co-op third person action game from Bioware and had a pretty good time: The game is gorgeous from a design perspective and even more importantly, I got to play a transformer and to fly around in this amazing world mixing a tropical landscape and future tech.

What was interesting to me after talking about the game with some friends (and consuming some videos on YouTube) I got the impression that the sentiment about the game is bad, and this is over generalizing because disappointment comes from different angles, because the game isn't fun enough or it didn't reach it' full fun potential and they'll get it right eventually.

I wonder when did we begin min\maxing and investing in optimization of fun. I took the experience as it is and had a good time. Can it be more fun? Maybe. Can ANY experience be better and optimized? Most likely. It's just a bit of a shame that some people would dismiss a good time they had with a game, or anything really that fulfilled their initial expectations based on the fact that it could be better.

Fun is fun!