schedule a product talk meeting with me

So you decided you want to schedule some time to with me to chat about product - that's awesome! I'm excited to touch base and learn all about what you do and why you do it.

The purpose of this page is to give you as much information up front so you'll know what to expect and to set some ground rules. I want to be cognizant of your time and mine and make sure we both get valuable and enjoyable conversation.

is 'product talk' for you?

My goal with having one-on-one meetings is getting to know new people with fresh perspectives on product management. based on dozens of meetings, you may fall into one or more categories -

You are... is 'product talk' meeting for me?
an aspiring product manager wanting to get into product yes! I worked with product managers from various backgrounds and there's absolute value for you here.
a product manager (junior, senior, director and above) wanting to chat yes! this is the core of the conversations I'm having and I'm sure there's value here for both of us.
a person who is interested in feedback about an idea maybe. Unlike the previous two type of meetings where there is no preparation necessary , take a look at my about page and see if my expertise can help in validating your idea.
a person who would like to practice product interview questions and get feedback not right now. I used to enjoy solving interview questions but it quickly clogged up my one-on-one meeting time. Read more about my product management solitaire method.
a member of a sales team wanting to tell me about a product or a service that will be great for my current workplace no. That's not a good avenue for sales, sorry.

what would we talk about?

I like to keep the meetings fluid and conversational. We have roughly and hour and I make sure my full attention is dedicated to the meeting so I like to let it flow! No preparation in advance is necessary, just show up!

The working people we are, we usually ending up talking about products we are working on, our challenges and work stories - I have yet to leave a meeting without some good learnings in hand.

If you made it this far and checked all the boxes - schedule right here!