CheerBot wants to spread positivity through code ⚡️

Was that headline big enough?

Words like “You are loved” or “you are not alone” are not something we encounter every day, especially from our friends. I mean, sure, we all know that they think we are great but more often then not everybody take it for granted.

CheerBot is here so you can empower and inspire your friends. By sending out an annonymous positive message you can make a person feel better about themselves, about life and hopefully spark something really great.

I started working on CheerBot as a way to use code to spread positivity and my humble contribution to Twitter’s community. The response so far has been incredible, from people tweeting and saying that a cheer made thier day to people interested enough to pick up coding skills and make thier own things.

I’m still thinking on the best way you can communicate ideas and feedback, I’ll post it here soon.

Much love 💛