After 4.5 years, 1,500 hours of gameplay and probably couple of hundreds of dollars in investment I uninstalled Heores of the Storm. The game I thought I’ll play until Blizzard turns of its servers and invested hours in mix-maxing - uninstalled. And it feels good, really good.

It’s that the game isn’t good from a gameplay or community perspective, it was just that for me it wasn’t fun anymore: I wasn’t having fun losing, I felt indifferent when winning and regardless of those neutral or negative feelings I kept hitting the ‘Play’ button to get another dose.

These days, gaming is all about relaxing and putting this break between a long day of work and the few free hours I have at the end of the day but above all it should be a fun, positive experience to close out the day and I’m really glad I was able to ask myself the ‘why’ and let go.

I have zero regrets on any of those 1,500 hours of HotS. I met great people through it, it inspired me to get into competitive gaming and I’m most likely be back someday but until then, I’ll see you around.

Post cover image by Blizzard Entertainment

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