Mission Statement 2.0

09 March, 2019 2 minutes read

To create positive impact through empathy, innovation and meaningful use of technology.

Creating positive impact

Positive impact is both the aspiration and the lens in which the rest of the mission statement is filtered through. Whatever the project, task, interaction or road ahead looks like, the main focus should be on positive outcomes and coming out of the other side a better version of me.

For me, creating positive impact resonates with empowerment, inspiration and leadership and on the other side of the coin, critical thinking when it comes to ‘hacking’, ‘shortcuts’ and short-sighted solutions. Creating positive impact is much about the journey as it is about the end result and the legacy it leaves behind.

From a structural perspective, creating positive outcomes is the ‘what’, the rest of the mission statement talks about the ‘how’.


Puts people above processes, humanization and meaningful relationship over quantity and low-bandwidth interaction. Deeply rooted in the non-violent communication language, empathy to me is interaction around feelings, needs, authenticity and compassion.


Innovating to me is about creativity, looking into the box and simultaneously thinking about what can built on top of the tools it offers. It’s the never ending desire to learn new things and enhance my own skill-set and knowledge base.

Meaningful use of technology

Coming from healthcare, meaningful use refers to a scenario in which providers use their clinical software in a way that’s beyond documentation and beneficial to the patient. My take on meaningful use is, when using a product, staying true to my original use case, maximizing the value I get from it while blocking out the excess and the noise.

Meaningful use puts a cap over the open ended solutions found in innovation: having some value or a small increment of it out of a product isn’t enough - it has to align itself with creating positive outcomes but also significantly improve a thing I already value.

Meaningful use also calls for mindful and intentful use of products, while carefully evaluating new technologies before introducing them to my toolbox.