Auto Pilot Off

27 January, 2019 1 minutes read

Adulting can be tedious and Sundays are the culmination of my mundane responsibility tasks: As I'm writing this post I'm at the tail-end of a chain that included highlights like "cook launch for four", "fold 2 loads of laundry", and "cook dinner" is just around the corner.

For months (years, eons? you lose track of time with kids) I was doing all those tasks on auto-pilot and feeling wiped at the end of the day. I felt it takes time from the important stuff could get done, not to mention the ability to use the weekend time to unwind, relax and spend time with my loved ones.

Today I tried a different approach of looking at those mundane, adult-must-do things: Instead of trying to blaze through cooking I though to myself "I love to cook and I have an opportunity to do it three times a day, how awesome is that!" or ''I really like how the closet looks like after everything is nice and tidy".

Turning off the auto-pilot, being really present in the moment and think about the intention behind a task was refreshing. I wonder what other things I can apply that to.