Mission Statement (1.0)

04 July, 2017 2 minutes read

/project began as a summer coding project, one I’ve been doing every year to brush up on new technologies, mess around with code and generally experience that amazing feeling of building something from scratch (I also get to do things in terminal which makes me feel like a hacker so there’s that).

The longer I worked on /project I came to realize that this is a project I want to stick around for a while. Usually when finishing my summer projects I chuck them away and go into passive content consumption mode until next year but with this one I feel there is value in writing. With that, the first thing on my /project/writing board it writing a mission statement to install a sense of purpose and focus in this project.

If I can help it, I’d like to see /project lean on those three pillars -

Tell Better Stories

From a content perspective, I’d be really happy to have /project more casual and less structured than other articles I’ve published in the past year. With any publication I’ll try and focus on what interests me the most in and outside work - the human angle.

Storytelling and sparking conversations and emotions have always been something I gravitate towards whether if it’s in my work as a product manager, eSports consumer and a guy who use products in general.

Oh yeah, and use more emoji ✌️

Open Source It

I’m a great believer in “information wants to be free” and in a similar fashion, I think it’ll be really valuable if I keep the full project accessible and well documented in case anyone would like to go through the same learning process as I am.

While the code base is fully accessible and fork-able on GitHub, I have also made the technical and writing backlogs open so the next iterations on /project are always visible and available.

So the aspiration here is for better, cleaner code, readable documentation and a solid-structured project as a whole.

Keep cadence

More personal than the two sections above, I would hope that /project would become a habit. If anything, I should encapsulate that feeling of “this thing is almost ready to go live” and have it drive me through the days, weeks 🤔, months 🙃 to come.

So there we go. a nice way to wrap this up would be to end with a quote I read somewhere on twitter and probably butcher. In a context of writers’ anxiety someone wrote “if no one will ever read it, would you still post it?” My answer is a definate yes.