It's me, hi

I'm Omer Kaplan, a long time product manager and learner, dedicating my time and talent to creating positive impact through empathy and mindful use of technology. Currently, I'm the head of product at Sonara Health, a startup company on a mission to equitably increasing access to life saving medication. Previously, I had the honor of spending time at Dayton Children's Hospital as the consumer digital engagement officer.

Over the past few years, I'm focused improving the lives of vulnerable, sometime stigmatized populations in the Healthcare technology space. If you share a similar mindset and want to reach out, I encourage you to do so by clicking on the link below.

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about /project

I spent the majority of my day writing stories, whether it's product related documents, roadmaps, technical stuff, investor decks, synthesizing context and re-packaging it. This website combines my passion for writing and coding, my own corner in the world wide web.

Coding-wise, I enjoy jumping into new technologies and use them to solve my mundane issues: After being bothered with the fact that there are no syndication in esports news, I built esports Radar, that got too big for its own good, couldn't find people my age to play Animal Crossing with - built the Animal Crossing pen-pan club, drank from the Twitter data firehose analyzing data related to depression, programmed a rogue-like text based adventure game, somehow I'm always building something.

omerkaplan on github